Why US


Our team consists of professionals with industry experience, who are experts in the field of Surveillance, Certification, Training and Consulting.

Our services answer business questions and provide detailed and effective business solutions for complex problems.

Sector-Specific Service, Information, Certification, Training and Consultancy

We provide services from a knowledge-based perspective on industry-specific and complex market challenges faced by our customers.

Scalable Services

We share global innovations with you by combining the experience of our distinguished experts with sectoral experience; We offer scalable services and solutions to suit your needs.

Powerful Combination of Surveillance Certification and Consulting Services

As Turkuaz Inspection, we provide solution-oriented services, primarily Quality Management System Certification, Social Compliance Audit Consultancy, SME Consultancy, Trademark Registration and Foreign Trade (Import and Export) Consultancy, with a practical and pragmatic problem-solving approach. In this way, our customers get rid of the difficulties they encounter.

Adding Fast and Practical Value to Businesses

We deliver the value we promise to our customers as soon as possible. For us, this value means “high efficiency at the least cost”. The value we create helps you meet your targets, enter new markets, pass successful audits, simplify and enable your systems.

Expert staff

We offer a combination of our team with global experience and our expert staff of trainers, auditors and consultants.

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