What is Social Compliance?

From a social point of view, the future of the commercial source of brands is about to be checked in social review and global planning for all manufacturing businesses benefiting from purchasing plans, to ensure their compliance with all international, national and local public.

Social Compliance audits are the reporting of your business as appropriate in terms of control audits. The customer can produce items for this control and ensure that it belongs to the data source.

Will you appear in Social Compliance audits?

While such audits are easy for professional teams working in accordance with national and international labor and worker safety international laws and programs, including the ILO (work and production plan), they will not be accessible for all products required to have insurance yet.

First of all, the arrivals are subject to the “Labor Law”, the Occupational Safety Law, OHS Laws, ILO Laws, etc. Positive opinions on whether to be made and sent in accordance with what will be sent by the delivery to be delivered. That’s right here, comprehensive inspection systems.

Why should you get consultancy service?

amfori BSCI, Sedex, and all other brands (Inditex, Zara, Disney etc.) update and renew their systems every year and introduce different criteria in social compliance audits.

For this reason, working with a consultancy firm will help you to easily interpret the Social Compliance Rules in your business, to speed up the planning, execution and process of the work, and to receive complete worker training within this consultancy service. If the work recommended by our consultants is carried out quickly, a 1-2 month preliminary preparation and training period may be sufficient for a business that implements OHS regulations, while a minimum of 3 months of work is required for those who start from scratch. The documents in the checklist are reviewed and performance is evaluated.

So how should the preparations for the audits be? What is taken into account in these inspections?

It is very difficult to achieve a positive report from these audits with a team that does not have experience. The current audit experience of our professional consultants is one of the services we offer you. We are aware of the importance of the job and that you need to be successful in audits in order to receive orders and ensure the continuation of your existing orders. With our complex services, we complete all the certification, technical engineering and all training you need for you. We handle the entire process for inspections for you. All you have to do is contact us.

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