What is SEDEX?

Sedex is one of the world’s largest collaboration platforms for sharing responsible sourcing data in supply chains, used by more than 50,000 members in over 150 countries.

Supplier Ethical Data Sharing (SEDEX) is a web-based system that allows businesses and organizations to manage data on worker practices within their Supply Chain.

It is a social compliance initiative created by non-governmental organizations, trade associations and member firms in the UK. Its biggest aim is to ensure that the working conditions of all employees producing for the UK market comply with International Labor Standards.

Sedex audits are performed by 3rd party approved audit firms with SMETA methodology.

It is generally done in the form of a 4-week semi-announced audit.

Sedex Preparation Process is approximately 4-6 weeks, this process may vary according to the performance of the company.

The manufacturer, which has passed the inspection, is accepted by the member companies in England.

Sedex member businesses and suppliers benefit from the opportunity to publish their Smeta audit reports directly within the SEDEX system, in a way that all other members can see.

Companies that enter the Sedex Social Compliance audits are also members of the Sedex system and by uploading the reports of the audits they have passed to the system; They ensure that the audit results can be seen by multiple Sedex members they authorize, and thus they do not need to be audited multiple times from different member companies.

Sedex stands on four main pillars. Members are committed to improving supply chain performance accordingly.

Working Standards

Health and Safety

Environmental Ethics

Work ethic

Sedex directly involves suppliers in its own audit and improvement activities, forming the middle and upper members of the supply chain.

Benefits of Sedex?

Compete against your competitors

Contribution to efficiency and quality contribution

running circulation

employees of their contribution and trust

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