Risk analysis


Risk analysis; It is the inspection and reporting of the relevant facility in terms of hazard risk by risk engineers who have experience and training on the subject and have an objective approach.

Risk is the probability that an event will result in an undesired outcome.

For a risk to occur, a dangerous situation must exist or something must be exposed to danger.

Risk analysis

It is the study of determining all the dangers that exist in the workplace or that may come from outside and taking precautions.

Risk analysis is carried out by a team formed by the employer. The risk assessment team consists of:

a) Employer or employer’s representative.

b) Occupational safety specialists and occupational physicians who carry out health and safety services in the workplace.

c) Employee representatives in the workplace.

ç) Support staff in the workplace.

d) Employees who are determined to represent all units in the workplace and are knowledgeable about the work carried out in the workplace, current or potential sources of danger and risks.

Risk Assessment Stages

1) Risk assessment

2) Identification of hazards

3) Identification and analysis of risks

4) Risk control steps

5) Documentation

6) Renewal of risk assessment

6 years in less hazardous workplaces,

4 years in dangerous workplaces,

It should be renewed every 2 years in very dangerous workplaces.

The risk assessment is renewed in whole or in part, considering that the new risks that may arise in the following situations affect the whole or a part of the workplace.

a) Moving the workplace or making changes in the buildings.

b) Changes in the technology, materials and equipment used in the workplace.

c) Changes in the production method.

ç) Occurrence of work accident, occupational disease or near miss.

d) There is a legislative change regarding the limit values of the working environment.

e) If deemed necessary according to the results of the work environment measurement and health surveillance.

f) The emergence of a new danger originating from outside the workplace that may affect the workplace.

Employers take preventive and restrictive measures regarding the emergencies that may occur by taking into account the working environment, materials used, work equipment and environmental conditions in advance. it does. The risk assessment has been carried out; does not remove the employer’s obligation to ensure occupational health and safety in the workplace

As TURKUAZ team, we provide services aiming to take precautions against all internal and external hazards that may occur by making risk analysis and emergency action plan with our occupational safety experts.

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