The Recycled Damage Standard are international, optional standards that set requirements for chain of custody third-party certification.

The common goal of the standards is to increase the use of recycled materials. RCS does not address the social or environmental aspects of business production, quality and regulatory compliance RCS uses the ISO 14021 Recycled Content definition. It is a voluntary standard that is not intended to replace the legal and legal. There are two prominent methods for sustainable production in the textile sector. One of these methods is called recycling and the other is called reuse.

RCS(RECYCLED CLAIM STANDARD) Reuse means extending the service life of textile products (final product) by transferring the product to new users. Re-use is ahead in terms of being a method that individuals can apply in their daily lives and its potential to become widespread as a result of awareness, with the effect of the sharing economy, whose importance is increasing day by day. Because garments, which are the final product, can be reused as a result of various changes or without any change. On the other hand, recycling refers to obtaining textile or non-textile products as a result of re-evaluation of textile wastes in pre- or post-user processes.

RCS(RECYCLED CLAİM STANDARD) With the recycling method, textile wastes can provide input to other production processes, as well as the wastes of non-textile production processes can contribute to textile production. Recycling in textile is explained with various classifications in the literature. There are documents given by many international organizations on recycling.

RCS (RECYCLED CLAIM STANDARD) is a standard created to verify and monitor the content of recycled materials in the final product.

The purpose of RCS (RECYCLED CLAIM STANDARD) is to ensure the reliability of recycled content claims in products. It proves the presence and amount of recycled material in the final product through a third party verification of the input and chain of custody. There are 2 different module shapes.

RCS(RECYCLED CLAIM STANDARD) The product must contain only 100% recycled material. The product must contain 5-95% recycled material. There are no restrictions on the remainder. Its purpose is to provide a systematic framework for achieving measurable continuous improvement in the quality, environmental, health and safety performance of recycling facilities.

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