Certification of the product is a means of providing assurance that the product conforms to specific standards and other normative documents. Some product certification systems include initial testing of the product and evaluation of the product supplier’s quality systems, followed by periodic control that takes into account the factory quality system, testing of samples from the factory and the free market

Product certification systems are carried out in accordance with the standard “TS EN ISO / IEC 17065 Conformity assessment, requirements for organizations performing process and service certification”. This standard specifies the necessary rules for certification bodies to operate third-party certification systems consistently and reliably, thereby facilitating their acceptance on a national and international basis and thereby improving international trade.

The rules contained in this standard were written, first of all, with the aim of being accepted as general criteria for organizations operating a product certification system; they should be supplemented when used by private industry or other sectors or when special rules such as health and safety are taken into account. The expression of conformity with the relevant and related standards and other norm documents will be in the form of certificates of conformity or brands. Systems for certification of specific products or groups of products according to specific standards or other normative documents may, in many cases, require their own explanatory documents.

Turkuaz Inspection carries out its activities in accordance with the Certification System TS EN ISO / IEC 17065 standard depending on all these processes.

What are the Benefits of Product Certification?

For manufacturers;

customer trust

Ease of marketing

Contribution to continuous improvement

Reduction in poor quality costs

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