For Primark, every manufacturer must commit to meeting internationally accepted standards before placing an order. Primark is very selective about the businesses and factories that work with it.

After your business enters Primark’s approved factory list, the Ethical Trade and Environmental Sustainability Team, consisting of more than 100 experts in the source countries, conducts audits at various times to monitor the social compliance and standards of your business.

Primark Code of Conduct audits businesses and evaluates them in terms of Social Compliance with the programs and policies it carries out to positively affect the standards in the garment and textile industry.

Primark has been a member of the independent Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) since 2006 and has held the highest level of leadership since 2011. As an ETI member, there is a Code of Conduct which includes the ETI Core Code.

Based on the standards of the United Nations body, the International Labor Organization (ILO), it adapts these rules to businesses and is based on the ETI Base Code (Smata 6.0 SEDEX) criteria in their audits.

We provide services to our companies with our expert auditors and consultants in order to determine the deficiencies in the preparation of your business for these audits and to implement the Primark Code of Ethics.

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