Site visit and feasibility study,

Detection of potentially explosive atmospheres,

Demand of SDSs of chemicals used in the business and explosion lower and upper limits


Calculation according to TS EN 60079-10 Standard for explosive atmospheres and determination of Zone intervals,

Work on the equipment list required to be used in the designated Regions,

Evaluation of Explosive Environment Risks in Dusty Environments in accordance with NPFA-499 and NPFA-654 Standards,

Evaluation of Dust Measurements for Dusty Environments,

Identification of Personal Protective Equipment for Personnel Working in Explosive Environments,

Realization and control of grounding measurements,

Delivery of the Explosion Protection Document and realization of the Risk Analysis studies,

Ensuring the follow-up of the Risk Analysis according to the given deadlines.

The list of documents requested before PKD is as follows:


Business P&I Diagram,

All SDSs of chemical products in the enterprise,

Exproof equipment list and certificates,

If there is a Battery Charging Area, the number of charging stations at the Battery Charging station and the square meter measurements of the area,

Grounding measurement reports made by Türkak once a year, and lightning rod sketch map and measurement reports, if available due to its location in the enterprise,

If there is a natural gas line, its drawings and flange numbers,

If there is a dusty environment, measurement reports performed by an accredited organization from Türkak.

If there is a dusty environment; The dust layer that will form in 24 hours will be evaluated by leaving sandpaper on various parts of the field.

business fire map,

Antistatic PPE certificates of personnel working in areas defined as risky areas.

If there is forced ventilation in closed environments, ventilation drawings and working hours will be specifi

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