With the development of technology and the increase in machinery and its components, work machines that are not periodically checked cause an increase in work accidents

Workplace Environment Measurements

Noise Measurement

Dust Measurement

Lighting Measurement

Dosimetric Noise Measurement

Organic Vapor Measurement

Aspiration Flow Measurement

Vibration Measurement

Our devices that we use while measuring are in accordance with today’s technology and relevant standards

Workplace Periodic Controls

Our Lifting Vehicles Periodic Controls;

Forklift Periodic Inspection

Pallet Truck Periodic Control

Mobile Crane Periodic Control

Crane Periodic Control

Caraskal Periodic Control

Freight Elevator Periodic Control

Vehicle Lift Lift Periodic Inspection

Lifting Platform Periodic Inspection

Manlift Periodic Control

Basket Platform Periodic Control

Our Pressure Vessel Periodic Controls;

Periodic Control of Heating Boiler

Periodic Control of Hot Water Boiler

Steam Boiler Periodic Control

Hot Oil Boiler Periodic Control

Compressor Periodic Control

Hydrophore Periodic Control

Air Tank Periodic Control

Autoclave Periodic Control

Tank Control of Industrial Gases

LPG Tank Periodic Control

Grounding Control

2 years of electricity generation, transmission and distribution facilities

5 years of power transmission and distribution lines

1 year of industrial facilities and business centers

Workplaces with flammable, explosive, dangerous and harmful substances 1 year

Periodic controls of workplaces working in wet environments cannot exceed 1 year.

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