KOSGEB Consulting

As Turkuaz Team, we offer Kosgeb Consultancy services for consultancy, business plan preparation and guidance services on KOSGEB support, grants and loans.

Whether you need a new entrepreneur support business plan as a beginner who is ready to ignite the entrepreneurship in you with a new business idea, or you are an existing SME who wants to benefit from project supports such as SME project support or R&D support for your existing business or company. We are with you as a professional consultancy team.

New Entrepreneur Support Business Plan Preparation;

We help you to prepare the business plan that you will create in order to prepare a forward-looking projection on this new entrepreneurial path you set out to be the boss of your own business.

SME Project Support;

We offer you support project preparation and consultancy services in the field of SME project support, R&D support, personnel support, promotional support that you can get for your current business. We are trying to increase your competitive advantage by facilitating your work with Kosgeb support for your more service-oriented expenditures by preparing your projects with one or more goals such as increasing production, export, employment and productivity with the support of SME projects.

Contact us via our contact numbers related to the KOSGEB consultancy process or the application form on our website.

0850 255 18 87


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