As Turkuaz Inspection, we carry out all the necessary processes and offer turnkey solutions so that the products your company wants to import reach you in the quality and qualities you want, at an affordable price and on time.
For this purpose, we conduct detailed market research of the products you want to import to foreign markets, evaluate the results, carry out negotiations with the determined companies, and produce solutions to ensure that the product is produced in the quality and qualities you want and reaches you on time and at an affordable price.
It conducts detailed manufacturer/supplier research in international markets regarding the products you want to import, evaluates the obtained data together in terms of quality, price and time, and initiates the procurement process, carries out the logistics and customs process in an effective, efficient, fast and lowest cost manner, and delivers your product to your warehouse. We provide access.
If you have;
√ If you want to find and supply the product you want to import in the international markets with the quality and quality you want,
√ If you want your import operations to be effective, efficient, fast and result-oriented,
√ If you want to accurately calculate all cost items until your product leaves the supplier’s warehouse and enters your warehouse, and you want to bring the product at the lowest cost,
√ If you want to import by overcoming the negativities caused by the lack of foreign language and international trade legislation,
√ If you want to make all your import transactions with a professional team and minimize the risks of importing
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