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According to the nature and conditions of the job, it is obligatory to determine whether the employees in the dangerous and very dangerous classes are able to work in these jobs physically and spiritually, with a physical examination and, if necessary, a workplace doctor report prepared based on laboratory findings. Health reports are provided with mobile health services.


Article 15 of the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, titled “Health surveillance”, defines employment health reports, medical examinations and by whom these reports will be issued.

However, when we look at the 38th article of the same Law, the effective date of the 6th article, which regulates the occupational health and safety services, is “Two years after the publication date for public institutions and workplaces with less than 50 employees and in the less dangerous class” and “50′ One year after the publication date for workplaces classified as dangerous and very dangerous with less than one employee, it has been regulated with a gradual transition.

Since the obligation to employ a workplace physician for the mentioned workplaces has not yet started in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, as a result of this, during the gradual transition period of the “health reports” in Article 5 for these workplaces, the workplace health and safety unit or the service provider The obligation to take it from the workplace physician who is in charge of the common health and safety unit has not entered into force. For this reason, there has been hesitation in the public about health reports.

On the other hand, in the circular of the Ministry of Health dated 07.05.2004 and numbered 2004/67 on the preparation of health board reports in private hospitals, “In private hospitals; Specialized reports such as disability health board report, tax exemption report, overseas treatment report, disability report, reports received for the purpose of importing a specially equipped vehicle cannot be submitted even if they are duly formed. inspections are not possible.

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