What Does Food Project Management Consultancy Bring to Your Company?

In companies, whether at the scale of SMEs or large international firms, as the organization grows, managerial difficulties arise. Just as the foot of a growing 5-year-old child cannot fit into the shoes of a few months ago, the managements of the companies begin to not fit into the strategies that have been implemented. The organization that used to look simple; gets complicated. It can become complicated and unorganized.

As the TURKUAZ team, we

It separates the complex structure in food businesses into its processes with Management Consulting and simplifies it for you.

Strategic Planning reveals solutions that seem clearer when simplified

Helps you make the Management decisions required by these solutions

As a Consultant, we actively contribute to the implementation of the decisions taken.

The basic operation of our Food Project Management consultancy process is as follows

a.Examination of the employer company structure in line with international corporate governance principles and Management Consultancy.

b. Organizing a Management Workshop with the participation of senior managers under the moderation of our Food Engineers within Turkuaz.

c. Guiding the employer team on the “Right Strategy” with Consulting Suggestions in line with the sectoral requirements

d. Establishment of committees and corporate governance principles that will be most suitable for the employer’s structure

e. Sharing the analysis and evaluation results of the consultancy workshops

f. Organizing the organizational restructuring within the framework of both institutionalization and corporate governance principles and sharing this proposal with the senior management under the moderation of our Consulting Team Leader.

g. In this context, reviewing the current Management and organizational structure of the employer and analyzing its compliance with business processes within the scope of Management consultancy.

h. In case of new departments and administrative committees to be formed in the organization, defining their duties and responsibilities with the support of our Food Consultants

i. Commissioning the final organizational structure and Institutionalization system

Turkuaz Consulting Services covers the following topics

1-Food Project Management Consultancy

2-Board of Directors Consultancy

3-Product Portfolio Analysis

4-Production Efficiency Services

5-R&D Center Consultancy

6-Configuring Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

7-Human Resources Consultancy

8-Institutionalization Consultancy (SME)

9-Strategic Business Plan Preparation Consultancy

10-Creating a Company Management Reflex

11- Execution of approval procedures for all Food Businesses that will step into the sector

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