It is a type of audit that holds the licensees and suppliers responsible for complying with the requirements of the ILS Program.

Disney License Certificate

You can carry out commercial activities by holding this license, provided that you have the necessary qualifications to produce products belonging to the brand of Disney and to reach commercial agreements.

The criteria required in Fama inspections are as follows;

Personnel records

attendance records,

salary slips,

monthly bills of accounts,

Statements of the last month,

Business Contracts,

Annual Leave Records,

Occupational Health and Safety Records

Building Layout Plans,

Evacuation Plan,

Business and working license,

Fire Report,

Building License and Building Use Permit,

Number of Fire Extinguisher and Cabinets,

Checklist of Fire Extinguisher and Cabinets,

Fire Fighting Training Records,

Emergency Evacuation Drill Records,

Employee Representative Election Minutes,

Occupational Health and Safety Committee Minutes,

Occupational Safety Expert Agreement,

Workplace Physician Agreement,

Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment,

Periodic Health Inspection Reports of All Employees,

First Aid Training Certificates,

Occupational Health and Safety Training Records,

Hygiene Certificate,

Work Accident Records Elevator,

Periodic Inspection reports of vehicles such as Caraskal, Crane, Generator, Steam Boiler, Compressor, Motopump, Forklift,

earning certificate,

forklift operator certificate,

Earthing measurement of the electrical system of the enterprise,

Internal electrical installation compliance report,

List of chemicals used,

MSDS forms,

INDOOR ENVIRONMENT MEASUREMENTS (Noise, dust, lighting, temperature and chemical etc.)

Environmental permit certificate of the workplace,

EIA out of scope report,

Environmental protection documents (Flue gas emission report, waste water analysis, waste water discharge permit, solid waste contracts),

Waste declarations and national waste transport forms,

Other Records


Job Recruitment and Exit Procedure,

Past audit records,

Internal and external contract supplier lists,

Employment contract of the security guard employee,

production records,

Job entry-exit records (turn over),

customer list,

Wish complaint records,

Disciplinary Procedure and Records,

Customer List,

Other Procedures and Policies Customer List,

work flow chart,

Organization chart,

By examining these criteria, it is determined whether the standards in the enterprise have been met and these determined results are recorded. With the positive audits, commercial activities can be started.

We provide services to our companies with our experienced staff on issues such as completing these criteria and identifying deficiencies.

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