Our aim is to work with all our strength and presence to protect your brands, which are the most valuable assets of your businesses, and to certify the quality of their products

Our principle is “YOU HAVE YOUR BRAND”.

The most important issue when registering a trademark; Who will make your trademark registration? Because if you don’t have a good trademark registration consultant, you run the risk of encountering bitter surprises at the end. This is where the quality and value of Turquoise Inspection and Certification comes into play. Turkuaz Surveillance and Certification processes your trademark registration process very quickly, carries out all transactions without skipping any details and never lets you, valuable brand owners, suffer. Because Turkuaz Surveillance and Certification provides the registration of your brand smoothly and quickly by combining its long years of brand registration experience with the best, expert staff for you.

Turkuaz Inspection and Certification always acts with you during all these registration processes of your brand. As Turkuaz Inspection and Certification, we are always with you during the evaluation of objections to your brand and the preparation of defense. After you have registered your trademark, you will definitely have to pay fees etc. for your trademark for 10 years. You will not pay fees. After you have registered your trademark, you need to renew your trademark registration. So as long as you renew your brand every 10 years, your brand is yours forever. Today, many quality certificates can be issued in a very short time. However, trademark registration processes are concluded within a period of 10 – 11 months at the earliest. For this, it is very important that you apply for trademark registration before putting a product, product or service on the market. For this reason, applying for trademark registration before the product or service is an important pillar of your institutionalization. The registration of your trademark provides you with great convenience and advantages in every field. Trademark registration is a mandatory process in some business areas. Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, food packaging; In areas such as production and purchases, trademark registration application or trademark registration certificate is asked. Likewise, TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) also asks for a trademark registration certificate or application.

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