What is amfori BSCI?

BSCI is a special standard initiated by the Brussels-based Foreign Trade Association (FTA). BSCI is based on the ILO (International Organization of Workers) occupational and worker safety standards and promotes the continuous improvement of the social performances of the supply chain. The goal is to be certified by standards such as SA 8000 or equivalent, thus supporting sustainable working conditions worldwide

amfori BSCI Social Compliance Audit

The basis of the audit is the Labor Law and the Occupational Safety Law and ILO laws. In general, these laws and their articles form the amfori BSCI Audit Criteria. A business that will enter BSCI Audit has to work in accordance with these laws and regulations, regardless of the sector. In particular, overtime, wage payments, leaves, breaks, trainings, worker instructions, emergency measures, use of equipment and instructions, operating policy form the basis of this work. No matter what sector you are in, if you want to perform this job in a shorter time, you should find a good consultancy firm with references on BSCI.

What are the benefits of amfori BSCI?

Since the BSCI is one of the most difficult audits at the moment, a company with a C score from the BSCI has a very prestigious audit result.

• A clear competitive advantage over your competitors

• Establishing employee-employer relations in your business on a solid foundation

• Increasing productivity, quality and employee loyalty thanks to Social Compliance Management systems

• Reduction of employee circulation,

• The establishment of the discipline system in the enterprise (within the regulations)

Why should you seek counseling?

With the support you will receive from our Social Compliance Managers;

In terms of the preparation of your business for audits, you will both pass the audits completely and increase your company’s prestige and business performance without losing time. Social Compliance rules will be easily interpreted in your business and it will be beneficial to plan, execute and accelerate the process of the work, and to receive complete worker trainings within these technical services. If the studies recommended by our consultants are carried out quickly, a 2-3 month training and inspection process will be sufficient for an enterprise that implements Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

To benefit from our professional consultancy services, submit your request via our contact numbers or the application form on our website and we will call you.

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